Mining for Gold

By PaisleyJade - Monday, July 29, 2013

A while back at a parent/teacher evening at our school I received a challenge - the challenge was to look for the gold in my children.

I've thought a lot about this phrase over the last few months and have not only pondered searching out the gold in my kids but also in my marriage, my job, my community and my every day life.

Boy it's easy to focus on the negative stuff isn't it?!?!  Sometimes I find it easier to go coal mining than gold mining.  What my kids are doing wrong, their flaws and imperfections... doing the same thing with my husband... my home... the every day ups and downs of life.  Taking the time and effort to actually look for the gold and even verbalise it and point it out to others is life changing.

Try it... I dare you to find some gold in your kids/spouse/job/home/neighbour/that annoying person at work and verbalise it to yourself and them (obviously your house won't be impacted if you point out it's 'golden' points, but you never know!).

I want to be someone who is realistic about life, but knows how to focus on the good stuff at the same time.

Keep looking for the gold in your life - and remember to verbalise it to those special little ones around you (including the lanky 6ft ones) - because there is plenty of gold sitting right there, you just sometimes have to do a bit of digging to uncover it.

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  1. One word. Truth.

    Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. I like that thought PJ. Mining for gold. Beautiful.

  3. Thanks for reminding

  4. Great words. Maybe too ask Him to see the gold in you as well. Obvioulsy you are a fabulous woman but I'd challenge you to ask him what He sees as the gold in you (i'm talking God rather than your hubby!)

  5. Awesome Kristy, I love it

  6. So true.
    I love your *words of wisdom* posts Kristy!

  7. Great advice indeed. x

  8. Fantastic Kristy!! And so timely for me at the moment. Isn't it great when you get some fab feedback from people about your kids/hubby/family, it's such a blessing! And it makes me realise that I do have to go mining a bit more often!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thanks for the reminder xx

  9. Yes, yes and yes. What a great post. Love it xxx

  10. I enjoy what you are usually up too. Such clever work and coverage! Keep up the good works I’ve following you right this moment. From Canberra Deck


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