Blanket Bunny

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I am pretty much sure you are all sick of seeing creations made with my thrifted woollen blanket, but I love it so much and just had to see how it would look if a bit of it was made into a softie rabbit aka Blanket Bunny!

I love it!

I still have quite a bit of my thrifted blanket left, and am starting to feel less guilty for cutting into it as more things are made from it - the beauty of recycled crafts.

So far there has been three cushion covers, a phone cover and a softie made from this beautiful blanket... any more ideas?

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  1. aw! love it Kristy!
    I love everything recycled so keep them coming!!!

  2. love it!!!

  3. you really did get a lot out of that one blankie!

  4. Not at all sick of seeing your thrifted blanket creations! It's adorable.

    What about a pair of slippers/mittens/handbag next...

  5. Awww man that's so cute! what about a flowery brooch or something?? it would be great in those colours xx


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