Birthday Birthday!!!

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, October 19, 2013

Today we celebrated our second born's birth!

Since his brother moved out recently into his new pad (here), we decided as part of his birthday present we'd give his room a wee makeover.

The walls were touched up, shelves added, posters put up and the drum kit he'd been given a while ago that had been stacked in the corner of his room was finally put together and the missing parts replaced.  He loves his room - and so do we (and his Dad, aka The Drum Hogger).

We celebrated with both sets of Grandparents at afternoon tea, and a Banoffee Pie for his cake (by request - thanks Nana for making it!).


We love you dear boy - you are growing up into such a sweet and witty young man!  So thankful to God to have you as part of our family!!

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  1. Happy Birthday M!

  2. PS have been dreaming about banoffee Pie all night!

  3. Happy Birthday to your boy!! His room looks great (love that blanket) and that banoffee pie looks yum!


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