06 March 2013

Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins have been something on my to do list for a year or so  now.  There's nothing like having a proper napkin when eating a delicious meal, or a tasty bit of baking.

Napkins are such easy things to whip up on the sewing machine, but for some strange reason I had it stuck in my head that I wouldn't make my set of napkins up until I came across the perfect fabric that I liked - and deciding on one fabric is near impossible for me.

I hadn't really thought too much more about it until recently, when I noticed on A Beautiful Mess the great idea from Elsie of sewing up a mismatched set of napkins (Mismatched Cloth Napkins).  What a genius idea - why hadn't I thought of that!?

I already had two pieces of fabric that I loved, and found another retro newsprint fabric to complete the set.

I love them!  Now all I need is a fancy meal or big delicious cake to celebrate them with!!

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  1. Such a good idea. We use cloth napkins all the time but a lot of them are a bit grotty and we could do with a few new ones. I made some quick and easy ones for Christmas by just overlocking around some fabric squares. Sadly I do not have an overlocker of my own.

  2. oh! they are seriously cool!! man I wish I could sew and stuff

  3. These are awesome!! Love the fabric, especially the newsprint one!

  4. LOVE the idea of mismatched napkins :) pretty awesome!
    I like quilting and made some with different but matching fabrics..
    ..but this is so MUCH better!!

  5. They turned out great!

    I wonder if I could handle the kids wiping their spaghetti sauce faces on them, or would I hand them a wet rag! hahaha

  6. Ellymay2:32 pm

    Well done Kristy, the napkins look great.

  7. Oh NICE!!!
    I love them :)
    (I love the eclectic mix of fabrics - that is so ME too)

  8. Completely stunning! I need to buy a sewing machine... desperately! All of you crafty people are making me OH. SO. JEALOUS!! :) Hazel


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