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By PaisleyJade - Sunday, March 10, 2013

It was the weekend of parties this last weekend.

Friday night, our good friend had his 30th at a local restaurant - the food was so good and the company was fabulous!

Cutest birthday poem ever!

On Saturday, another precious friend turned 21, but alas, I was feeling unwell all day Saturday and had to stay home - missing the most amazing party including a pink layer cake and a chance to be in a local Harlem Shake video (hehe).

On a side note, does anyone else find when they try to rest up on their bed when feeling unwell, they are bombarded by either pets, or kids with "urgent" questions?  Inevitably there will be one of the 4 kids come into my room with an urgent thing to say every 5 minutes... and sometimes a whole heap of them will be in there! Argh!!

Finally, today my precious Dad celebrated his birthday with Mum, Syms & I and his 5 grandkids.  I made him a blue zebra cake and it was so yum (follow the link to find how to make a Zebra Cake)!!  p.s. I have no idea what my boys are doing in the background here... 

My Dad is one of the kindest men I know, has the best mustache ever and a slight addiction to collecting surfboards (my Mum is a very patient wife) - I love him to bits!

One of Dad's birthday presents - Bruce Brown Signature Collection!

Check out this amazing photo his mate Mike Cunningham found of him surfing at Waipu Cove (Northland, New Zealand) in 1965!!

Dad is currently busy interviewing all of the original New Zealand surfers from "back in the day" (I didn't say olden-days  okay Dad?) and they are being continually uploaded on Adventures in Paradise - I've loved listening to some of the stories from the "classic surfing era" (see what I did there Dad?).

Such a fab weekend (apart from feeling icky).

Have a great week people!!

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  1. Sorry to hear you felt unwell...and yeah kids always wanna bombard you when you're sick!!! haha But awesome celebrations for everyone else!! xx

  2. oh boo to getting sick and having kids not let you sleep. That blue zebra cake is preeeeetty fancy!

  3. missed you saturday. Love the blue....Might be the next "rainbow cake"...

  4. What a weekend! Love your family antics, when I saw the pic of your dad blowing out his candle on insta I did think ~ I wonder what your boys were up to ;) You can tell I had three younger brothers! Glad you are feeling better too... Have a great week!

  5. Anonymous11:08 am

    Hope you are feeling better after Saturday :-)

  6. That's awesome PJ. Love that pic of your dad.
    And SNAP regarding the influx of visitors to the "sickbed".
    They really think they're helping... and that when you say "NOBODY COME IN" the "NOBODY" bit doesn't apply to them.
    (Big Sigh)
    But really, it's cool we are loved so much aye???
    Hope you're all better now


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