He naps & she runs - part 2

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Here is a follow up to He naps and she runs - because I just know you all just sit at home by the computer desperately hoping and dreaming that I will give you an update on hubby's napping and my running (*ahem)...

There hasn't been too much napping around these parts lately, now that the holidays are over... but every now and then Symon will either sneak a nap in when no one is looking, or one will take him by surprise when he least expects it.  

For those of you not on Instagram, here are some of the latest naps...

And as you can see by the following photos, he started to get rather clever when planning his naps, using a cushion to hide from me!

I am starting to wonder if one of his offspring might have the same napping disorder...

Sleeping with her sunglasses on... just for fun.

And just for fun, here is evidence of Symon's early napping years (and Mum Drake - I might need to get you to hunt out some more of his childhood napping pics ;)...

Cute huh!?!?

Back to me (the awake one of us two) - today marks 70 days in a row running #mileaday!!! Woohoo!

I've never been much of a runner - and I've never been someone to stick consistently at something for such a long time, but it has been awesome to reach this goal.  I don't know how many more days in a row I will keep this up for, and I know for sure that I won't probably be running for the couple of days of awesomeness we are going to have in Christchurch with the NZ Blogger's Conference (hubby reckons I should wake up early and go running there - I don't think so!), but I'm loving feeling fitter and also loving the challenge of my morning photos... although it is getting rather tricky to think up creative ways to make my ugly white and green sneakers (Kiwi speak for trainers/running shoes) look cool.

So there you have it - a sneak peak into the lives of the couple who love to nap and run.

p.s. I think he's due for a nap

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  1. Right then. I am actually going to run today. Off to put my shoes on now. x

  2. I'm definitely on the napping side of life....yawn

  3. Inspiring Kristy I really need to start this too every time I read and update I think I must start today!

  4. Kristy you've done soooo well! That is incredible!!! I've been waiting for the shoes to get dirty, haha! Are you using a treadmill?

  5. Haha love how you've been ambushing him!

  6. Ellymay1:21 pm

    Symon's Mum say's "There was never a problem getting him to nap in the daytime, it was nighttime he didn't want to settle down, he is an owl by nature and he would have stopped up all night if he had been allowed!!!"

  7. Well done on the running - it's a great challenge to do! I am trying to squeeze both regular running and napping in !

  8. teehee. love the he naps she runs series!


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