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By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's Christmas morning!!  This morning I have the honour of being the host for a very special Christmas gift to a friend of mine...

To Meghan. You complete me.
Well this is pretty different. A chance for me (my name is Mark, husband to Meghan from mnmsadventures blog) to reflect and write a blog post about a blogger? Weird, but let's begin by saying I don't really do blogs in terms of writing them that is, but I always read my wifes.… (promise!). Therefore apologies up front if I've not followed bloggie protocol or this simply just isn't how a blog is written (I’m sure Meg will put me right if I haven't).
PaisleyJade has very kindly let me have this ‘guest’ slot to give me a chance to express what the person I'm writing about means to me. I also hope its a cool Christmas gift that she will like and probably not expect as I got told no presents this year and when Meghan tells me something, I’m in trouble if I haven’t listened.
I'm guessing most of you know my wife as Meghan from mnmsadventures but to me she goes by many different 'pet' names.. moogles, Meg, hon, honey, honey bunny, babes, sweetie pie, mum (sounds strange I know… but perfectly in context when around the kids!) and the one I use the most... beautiful, purely and simply because she is. 
This Christmas marks pretty much 15 years of knowing Meg and it might sound cliché, but those 15 years have made me so happy. Of course there have been times when we raised our voices  and lets be honest here, I may have even seen the palm of her hand up close to my face on one or two occasions, but what is so good about us is that we’re best mates, best lovers, best parents… just all round bestee’s!
Most of you will have read Megs blog about how we got together, so I'll skip the finer details. However I can say without doubt that during the month we had together before I left New Zealand to return back to the UK, I fell head over heels in love with Meg. The moment Meg put her hand on my knee (actually, I think you need to read the post here before you get any wrong ideas?) my life changed forever. I often think of the film with Gwyneth Paltrow in called Closing Doors... well that moment was my Closing Doors moment. I often look back and think about how life would have been had that hand not have found a place on my knee and it’s hard to even contemplate.
I’m a massive Fatboy Slim fan and he named one of his albums, ‘you’ve come along way baby’ and I think he had Meg in mind when he wrote it. When I met Meghan she had peroxide curly hair, wore black shell pants with a pink stripe down the leg, was in an established relationship with a guy who she’d moved to Wellington with and was deadset on using her degree in her next job… that degree being Japanese. Well, fast forward 15 years and she now has a number hairstyles (for the record Meg I love the curly hair and have now admitted it to the world!!), she looks amazing in all her cool outfits (although I'm pretty sure those shell pants only got thrown away a couple of years ago!), is married to me (1-0 Markie) and has a whole new vocation in life, including her love for blogging.
It's hard for me to share a story or time I've had with Meg that hasn't already been blogged about! However what I can share with you is how I see the most beautiful lady in my life. To me Meghan is so many things. An amazing mother to our children, an awesome wife, my lover, my personal accountant, my diary (lets be honest, she pretty much runs my life), has a great sense of humour, excruciatingly impatient on the little things in life, a perfectionist in everything she does and most of all, she’s my gorgeous girl.
I think its best that I let Meghan continue to do what she does best, whilst I sign off with a sneaky photo montage (which was pretty tough seeing she is the photographer in the house!) and a tune that I could swear Benny Benassi wrote 13 years too late, but makes me feel like i’m back in 1998, thinking about Meghan.

Meghan, thank you for loving me. I love you and always will. Happy Christmas babes. Mark x
A massive special mention to PaisleyJade for this opportunity, Thank You, you rock.  

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  1. Awww, super sweet gift!

  2. Um....I really don't know what to say ... I am in awe of my hubby for thinking up the most unique, creative Christmas gift ever (knew he was a keeper all those years ago!) and a huge thanks to PJ for her part in making it happen! Bless you on this most special of days, our Saviours day xx

  3. Merry Christmas Eve!

  4. SUCH as sweet post! What a cute couple you two are!

  5. So very very sweet. What a guy!


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