Clipboard Styling

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's amazing what fun a simple thing like a clipboard can bring to a space in your home.  

With our recent Kitchen Renovation, Symon surprised me by adding a few little additions he knew I'd love while I wasn't around - one of these was a simple (and cheap) clipboard on a hook above my kitchen bench.

A great idea to add to any space in your home.  All you need is a hook and a clipboard (I spotted one for $2 in town a few days ago - most D.I.Y stores or craft stores stock these).

Ideas for your clipboard...

Hanging pretty pictures, posters or used calendar pics in your room to brighten up the space (I love that I can change this whenever I want).

Clipping your recipe cards up while you bake.  Usually my recipes get flour or splashes of water all over them while I bake, so I love this idea (obviously you wouldn't use your clipboard for this in other rooms of your house, but maybe a chore chart in a child's bedroom or a times table chart would be a great idea).

Reminder list!  I'm a list person, so having somewhere prominent to put reminder notes, shopping lists and the like is a great idea for me!

Artwork display.  With 4 children, I'm often given precious pieces of artwork to display.  Our fridge doesn't have a magnetic front, so occasionally clipping up one of my favourite pieces for a few days or a week is a special way to enjoy these creations.

There are so many other ideas it could be used for - hanging a scripture verse up that you've been meditating on, displaying quotes, pinning up a journal for writing things in as they come to mind (most of my inspirational moments happen either in the kitchen or out by the washing line believe it or not!).

Here's to a more inspirational and organised New Year - Happy 2014 everyone!!

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