Softie babies

By PaisleyJade - Friday, September 26, 2008

My softie making friend Anya, from banban designs recently gifted me one of her awesome monkey creations Maggie. I jokingly sent her a photo of Maggie with her new "love" Square Guy. She emailed back suggesting that we each have a go at making them a baby.

So here are our creations... they each take after their parents in some way.

Heaps of fun to do... thanks for the idea Anya!

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  1. I love how lots of families look like this in real life, crazy blends of two completely different people. But happy together

  2. I'll post over Square Junior cos' he's feeling homesick.

  3. Hi Kristy

    I couldn't reply to your email address either. Weird!

    Cam xx

  4. Haha i saw one of the babies the other day at Anyas!


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