Maggie Monkey

By PaisleyJade - Monday, September 15, 2008

Today I received a little package in the mail from a very special friend in Australia who makes the cutest monkey softies (among other things).

Receiving a package in the mail in itself was very exciting, as usually it's Symon receiving packages of random items he has bought from Trademe when I'm not looking!

I was so excited to find that she had made me one of her gorgeous monkeys (Maggie Monkey).

It is sooooooo cute, with paisley and floral fabric and the cutest little tail with a button sewn on. I also love it's tiny bag with a banana in.

Thanks so much Anya - you made my day!

Check out Anya's blog (here).

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  1. That is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous10:04 pm

    OOoo that is totally cute!

  3. That is very shibby! Hey, have you seen the amazing selection of buttons at spotlight?! I saw them and thought of you and your crafts :)

  4. Hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Trademe!

    Part II of my cooking tips coming soon btw.

  5. Hey anya, ya think you could send me one of those??? Pleeeeeeez? Jon Dylan's B'day is comin up and I'd love him to have one

  6. Fantastic. I'm to totally envious!


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