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By PaisleyJade - Saturday, September 06, 2008

Some time ago Syms did a post about his favourite places (here). It made me think about the special places I like to go, and the places I hold dear to my heart... here they are.

6. Cafe's

I'm a girl who loves coffee and loves to take time out now and then to relax in virtually any cafe. I think it's also about the company... friends, family... especially special time with the kids. My favourite thing to drink... lattes!!! I remember my first ever cafe moment with Symon (we were just shy friends getting to know each other) and I didn't have a clue at all about coffee and ordered a black espresso. Symon told me later that he thought to himself, "wow, she must be crazy".

5. Our Public Library

I love our new flash public library... not just because it has a Robert Harris cafe in it, but it has a wonderful children's area, special quiet spots with tables and chairs to read, and heaps of great books. Our family usually makes a weekly visit to the library, going home laden with books for the week to read. Good times.

4. Spotlight

Yes, Spotlight had to make it into my list. I love exploring the fabrics and all the other little things in there. Just the other day Symon said to me, "How many times have you been here this week?". To be honest, it was quite a few! There is even a cafe off to the side of it... yay. The kids hate it though... I think they get bored while mummy browses.

3. The Beach

I couldn't just list one beach... there are three beaches that are very special to me. Coming from a surfing family, I practically grew up at the beach and have so many good memories.

Tapotupotu (Cape Reinga)

From a very young age our family would drive all the way up to Tapotupotu every year to camp in a tent. This is the beach where my dad taught me to swim (in the little creek that runs from the ocean). We used to slide down the grass hill on our boogie boards, play all day in the sun, catch eels and fish, get covered in mosquito bites, open our Christmas presents there... the list could go on. So many good memories.

Pataua Beach

For quite a few years our family used to stay in a batch at Pataua South. We would surf all day right until dusk, go snorkling, fishing, jumping off the bridge and make frequent trips to the tiny store at Frog Town for sweets. One of my favourite things was when we would spear crabs at about 10pm at night, and return to the batch for a midnight feed.

This is the same batch where Syms and I had our honeymoon.

Sandy Bay, Tutukaka

Last but not least, Sandy Bay is pretty much the beach where I spent most of my time. My dad used to stuff our car full of kids (back in the day when wearing seatbelts wasn't really that important) and take us all to Sandy Bay to surf every weekend. Heaps of great memories. It's also the beach where we sprinkled my brother's ashes and the ashes of one of our babies that we lost... and where Symon proposed to me (sitting in his car cause it was raining). So sweet - I love that place!

2. Home

I have always been a bit of a home-body. I love home... not our house itself, but home (if you know what I mean). Home is where you can relax. So many sweet memories are made at home, special times with family and friends. I love the creek at the back of our house, the trees and bush. I love being at home.

1. God's House

I love church - being with my 'family' and being encouraged, inspired and equipped. I especially love our youth church (Flame) - I look forward to Friday nights.

So there you have it - some of my favourite places... how about you, what are your favourite places?

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  1. I love your list of favourite places! OMG, I used to be clueless about coffee too and I ordered espresso from Starbucks and I asked the barista if they had a bigger size!

  2. crab spearing, now that would make an awesome girls pod event! let's do it...

  3. this is so awesome!!
    cafe's & coffee!!! mmmm.
    and of course the beach.
    it's probably a typical kiwi fav spot really... well northlander.

  4. Hmmm, mine are - home, the lake (near our house, no, not it in!), opshop (!), church, my parents house (I'm secretly a baby at heart), the bush, the park, walking the (very uneventful) streets on a sunny day, a couple of restaurants in the big town nearest to ours, um, the world wide web..
    I used to like going to the library until I got so many kids..
    also, love your latest batch of rabbits (not sure if I'd already told you that). Every time a see a paisely fabric or design I think of you now!!
    The pic of you and your dad is heartwarming.

  5. Ha! Our church's youth service is also called flame :)


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