How to bomb a wasps nest

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Due to my blog mainly being about family life, cooking and crafty stuff, one of my blogging friends has made me a challenge... if I do a post relating to making a bomb or something similar, he will do a post about a recipe for something edible. So Stephen, I am meeting that challenge with a little story... and I can't wait to see the recipe (hopefully he actually cooks something and takes photos too). You have til the end of the month... maybe I should request a sample too... then again, maybe not.

A while ago I did a post about Symon and my Dad's love for flyspray (here) . I had totally forgotten about their shenanigans last Christmas.

It all started when my dad spotted a colony of wasps coming out of a cluster of banana palms on our property. On further investigation he discovered a large hole where they had made their underground nest.

This is where the men became little boys. They started excitedly planning their night time mission, how they would approach the nest, and what technique they would use to bomb these innocent little creatures. I did notice at this point that Symon pulled back a bit in his enthusiasm... I had forgotten about his "bee and wasp" past.

The plan was decided upon, and at dusk they took their places. My father had inserted a pvc pipe into the nest, and while Symon held the pipe in place, dad poured petrol into the pipe. They then moved back and a match was thrown into the nest. I so wish I had taken a photo.

What happend after this was scary. Mum and I were watching from a distance, thinking how silly it was that these boys were making such a big deal over a little wasp nest... then we heard the loud bang (in the ground) and saw the 10 foot high flames. The palms caught on fire and we both started to panic (actually, I think the guys both did too).

In the end, the garden hose just reached, and the fire was controlled (thankfully), and everyone decided to wait until morning to see the result.

In the morning the ground was still smouldering, and would you believe there were still wasps coming to and fro out of the nest!

Lessons to be learnt...

1. Bombing a wasp nest is not really a good idea
2. Petrol and flames make bombs (there is my indepth description for you Stephen)
3. Wasps can survive being bombed
4. Keep children away from their fathers/grandfathers when wasps, bees, petrol and flames are around
5. We women have to put up with a lot sometimes

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  1. That is legendary! I mean c'mon...if Symon had stayed inside and played pick up sticks that night, chances are you wouldn't have written a blog on that. Petrol and stuff is exciting and makes for rivetting stories...fantastic post, keep those ones comin.

  2. Paisley Jade, you're the bomb!

  3. Aghhh, what have I gotten myself into!! Cooking ughhhhk9-afhy9aehv

    Ok a deals a deal, I'll have to think up something as epic as this that relates to food.

    Great post :D

  4. rachel kate - was that jon dylan using your sign in? I'm confused!!!

  5. jon u noob u posted as me! hahaha i have to get you back...

  6. i so should have posted as u when you left yourself logged in while you were away at the snow :( man gutted

  7. Lol I did too whoops, I really am a noob!

  8. oh yeah and i loved your post btw - rach (to save confusion!)


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