Blast from the past...

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just for a laugh I checked out - and took the liberty of taking Mandrake and myself back to the past... check these out!

Me in 1976

Me in 1966
Symon in 1976

Symon in 1964


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  1. Crack me up! We rocked in 76!

  2. Too funny! and only a few more days to go and you've done a blog a day for the whole month, well done!

  3. HAHAHAHA! that's so funny!

  4. So that's what you two looked like when you started in youth ministry...

  5. LOL!!!! That sooo made my day! What a crackup! I think you guys should put those up on the big screen for the 10th anniversary this Friday!

  6. you look like my mum in top pic :) that's a compliment btw!

  7. I love how some of the ones of Sym look like he had a plate covering his face while he lay in the sun, leaving his face pasty white but his neck as black as a... something very black.


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