Dumb things I've done...

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dumb Thing Number 1

When I was young I had the cutest poster above my bed... little buzzy bee's flying around pretty flowers. It was held in place with four drawing pins. One night I couldn't get to sleep, so I decided to suck on one of the drawing pins for fun (I know, duh!). I accidently swallowed it and my fun little idea turned into a rushed trip to the hospital and a little 'sleep' so the drawing pin could be removed. I felt so silly.

Dumb Thing Number 2

When I was little I loved to help my dad wash his motor bike. It was a dirt bike and he used to take me for rides on it, up dirt tracks and grass hills (heaps of fun). Dad loved his motorbikes, and I thought I would give it a really good wash for him one day when he was out. I made sure the exhaust got a good clean by pushing the hose up it and leaving the water on to give it a good rinse. Dad wasn't too happy the next morning when his bike wouldn't start.

Dumb Thing Number 3
My parents owned a toy shop for seven years of my life. I remember my mum warning me about superglue... how it was really dangerous to sniff (as it wrecked your brain) and to be very careful with it as it could stick skin together (especially fingers). For some strange reason I was really tempted to try this out (not the sniffing part). I remember sitting in the shop office dabbing a bit on my thumb, then pressing my index finger to my thumb. I straight away tried to pull my finger off again... but it was stuck hard to my thumb. I panicked and ripped my fingers apart, tearing the skin, causing it to bleed. I don't think I ever told my mum... but she was right about superglue.

Dumb Thing Number 4

When I first met Symon, we went with a few friends to hear a creationist speaking at a church in our area. He had a display table with books and other items on it, including fossilized dinosaur poo. I decided to give it a sniff... something Symon still laughs about today (for your info, it didn't smell).

Dumb Thing Number 5

My brother and two cousins and I were playing oneday. We decided to do dares in the kitchen. My cousin was dared to drink a whole glass of tomato sauce... he did it and even boasted afterwards about how much he enjoyed the taste. One of the others drank a raw egg. It was my turn... I was dared to eat a tablespoon of flour. I was so keen to be a part of the fun, that even as my cousin put the overly-heaped tablespoon of flour into my mouth, I thought nothing of it. It was at this point that I found it really hard to breathe... the dusty flour smoke poured down my throat causing me to cough and gag... a very scary moment. Not much fun at all.

My point... I have done some really dumb things in my life, and these are only some of them... and I am naturally part-blonde... does this mean anything?

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  1. Oh my Kristy thanks for a good laugh. I'm not laughing at you, just with you! I'm sure you can laugh about those things now! Thanks for sharing.

  2. tehe theyr not that dumb kristy... i could think of worse :)

  3. At least you have an excuse being partially blond..

  4. Ha Rachel - thanks... I could tell worse ones but I'm too shy!

  5. Good post, now this is riveting! But bring on the worse ones haha nothing can be worse than sucking on a tack right??

  6. LOL! Well those are very classic dumb things to do!! Stories for the grandkids one day! You sniffed the dino poo...hahahahaha!


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