Ten Pin Bowling with the Girls

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, July 27, 2008

I have had an awesome afternoon going out for coffee and Ten Pin Bowling with the most awesome group of ladies!

Each of these people (a couple of them couldn't make it) are involved in working with youth at our church, being mentors, rolemodels in various ways. You guys rock!

So as a tribute to you all, thank you for all that you do... you all stand as such great rolemodels and mentors for the many young people out there that just need someone to listen to them, someone to look up to, and someone to spend time with... someone who makes the time to care.

I do have to mention that out of my Ten Pin Bowling team... I won, and Arna-Lise won in her team, and overall!

Best dressed has to go to Nina for her very unique look (see pink socks in pic below) - although I know it wasn't intended... you looked rather groovy, in a nana sort of way.

I think Esther did really well too, for being due in the next couple of months (Kate was her stunt double).

The coffee was also really nice I must mention!

Love you guys!!!

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  1. definitely good times! thanks kristy you rock :)

  2. What an absolutely phenomenal group of girls!

  3. Ha! Yeah that was so fun! I'm glad you finally got to go ten pin bowling ! Next time, I say we do laser tag topped off with a tea party! Thanks for sending that photo to me! I'm glad you didn't post it on here..it was a rather poser photo! lol!!

  4. YAAAAY! Next time we'll do coffee first so we don't get the evils from those barristas! Sheeeesh..

  5. yay for laser tag being 10 times better than bowling - we so have to take the girls out for that!

  6. looks like heaps of fun!


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