19 July 2008

Beanie Bunny Softies

Last week a friend sent a little surprise in the mail (thanks Stacey!)... some awesome brown and blue paisley-type fabric. I also came across some really cool flowery fabric last week as well - so here are a couple of little beanie bunny's from the two fabrics. Not sure if I will continue with this shape of bunny... tell me what you think??


  1. Kristy these little guys ROCK! I think I like them more than your other cute bunnies! That's just my opinion though! Man you are one creative chicky!

  2. OOoo very very cute!

  3. Kristy, you should open a softies store..I think it would be the business! About the juicing..YES! We could so do a session sometime!

  4. Love the new bunnies, love the old bunnies, love all your work!

  5. Anonymous8:18 pm

    awww those are really cute! Lucky my daughter's not in your house - she'd love them lol



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