A visit to the farm park

By PaisleyJade - Friday, July 18, 2008

Today the Drake family ventured out to the Serendipity Farm Park in Whangarei (NZ). We had a really good time, feeding and patting (or is it petting?) heaps of different animals... goats, llama's, pigs, possums, donkeys, geese, ducks, chickens and the list could go on and on.

We only had a couple of moments with tears... one when Miss 1's fingers were too tasty for the Shetland pony to resist a bite, and another when one of the cheeky goats decided to eat Miss 4's whole bag of animal food in one gulp, including the paper bag! The boys thought this was great and promptly fed it another brown paper bag before Mandrake and I got involved.

I loved the "hands-on" aspect of the Farm park and all the different animals there. One cool thing about the park is that you can go to the cafe part and purchase an iceblock for each of the kids, a coffee or whatever for the adults and sit and watch the animals from the deck, or at the picnic tables amongst the chickens and geese, without paying full visitors price.

Here are a few snapshots from our visit...

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  1. Anonymous10:30 am

    oh I havent been there - whereabouts in Whangarei is it?


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