I own the best shoes ever!

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am now the proud owner of the best shoes ever... according to Symon that is!

My 'gift-giving-can't-miss-a-bargain-husband' came home today with a little surprise for me. Now to understand my excitement before I go on, you must realise two things...

1. I don't own that many shoes. I am probably a bit of a cross between a tomboy (hardly wear skirts or dresses and would live in jeans, hoodies and jandals all my life if I could) and a martyr mum (would rather buy things the kids need before buying myself stuff).

2. I have really big feet - I mean, depressingly big feet... size 11's! Most women's shoes only go up to 9 or 10... so to find a size 11, you have to be happy with whatever the shoe looks like and just grab it and be thankful. Usually I end up buying men's shoes (which sadly don't come in high heels - well, I hope they don't).

I think you get the picture.

So back to the story, my darling husband came home with a really nice pair of navy blue Chuck Taylors, in my size, down from $55 to $19! Yay! I am wearing them right now (I am not wearing my new apron at the moment though) and absolutely love them.

Symon just did a post the other day on Chuck Taylors. View it here. I so love the little clip at the end.

The funny thing is that today we also had to purchase some special shoes that the podiatrist recommended for Master 6's flat feet... they cost $80. What a bummer he couldn't have just had some Chucks too.

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  1. Anonymous4:57 am

    Definitely classic shoes!

  2. wow that is so cool! Bargains are awesome, I mostly buy things in sales too, it's a great way to save money here in NZ


  3. Oh so cool!! Goodie, Chucks rule.

  4. I've known you all these years and never knew you had such big feet! What other secrets are you keeping from me?

    Nice shoes though!

  5. Hey I've heard your feet get bigger after having kids......that'll teach you for having 4 of them!

  6. Anonymous9:21 am

    I wanna be as cool as you Mrs D


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