School holidays are here...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, July 07, 2008

Today was the first day of the term break... and what a day it was! It was filled with fun and also a bit of stress.

The fun parts being collecting some fertilized eggs for our broody hen, watching the delight on Miss 4's face as she was loved to death by 4 happy dogs (she absolutely loves dogs and often pleads with us to buy her one), enjoying fluffy's and ice creams at McDonalds and visiting our awesome library.

The stressful parts included being lost in Hikurangi while trying to find the egg lady's house (husband of course insisting that he knew where he was going), the shoes and pants covered in cow poo (from the kids enjoying exploring the egg lady's farm) and the delightful sound of the baby playing in the toilet as dinner is about to be served... along with the yells of horror from daddy upon this discovery. 

All in all, even during the stressful moments, there were still twinkles in little eyes, shouts of joy and lots and lots of laughter. Welcome holidays!

Here are a few snapshots from our day...

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  1. Haha. Men and their "i know where we are going" s! We get it all the time here.
    Am interested in the fertilised eggs .... how is it that they are fertilised?

  2. A rooster is needed (something we aren't allowed to have) and the egg is then fertilized before it is layed... the whole 'birds and bees' thing.


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