Scary Baking Memories

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, July 31, 2008

While having a bit of a baking afternoon with Miss 4 the other day, I smiled as I watched her happily licking the cake batter off the rubber scraper and bowl... remembering doing that myself as a child. Definitely one of the best parts of baking with my mum as a kid!

Thinking about that reminded me of another baking memory as a child. The day me and my lovely long blonde hair met the electric beater.

There have been so many times in my life when an adult has warned me about something.. and then for some reason I would test it out, only to find that they were right! Like the time my poppa told me to watch out for my fingers as he shut the car boot, so what did I do? That's right, I put my fingers in the car boot and wham! I had a very sore, black finger for quite a while afterwards. I also learnt to listen to my poppa.

Well, my mum and I were having a lovely baking time together. I remember standing on my little stool next to the kitchen bench 'helping mummy' mix the ingredients. Then my mum said these wise words, "don't lean too far over the bowl or your hair might get caught in the mixer".

Well, once again you guessed it! There was a flurry of hair and batter and wild screams.

My mum's hairdressing skills came in very handy that day... and I learnt a very good lesson - listen to your elders. No wonder the Bible talks about having a long life when you obey your parents.

Kristy's tip of the week... tie your hair back before baking.

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  1. Oh no!! Have visions of child and mixer clash!!! :) I can just picture it.....
    I have a few photos exactly like that - kids licking the spoon. Def. the best part!

  2. yowch! I put my hand through one of those old fashioned mangles once - right up to the elbow.... and similarly my mum was always telling me to watch my fingers as I fed clothes through!! Hmmmm


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