Baby Chickens

By PaisleyJade - Monday, July 28, 2008

Three of our eggs have hatched into beautiful little chickens, and you should have seen the kids eyes when they first saw them and held them. The wonder of new life is amazing, and the pure fact that such a cute little animal could have grown and developed in an egg shell still makes me amazed and once again, I think God is so clever! We are still hoping that the rest of the eggs will hatch over the next day.

I just feels like the other day we were collecting the eggs from the 'egg lady' to put under our broody hen (click here to read that post).

The following photo's don't really need words...

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  1. What an awesome experience for your kids!!!

  2. Thats so sweet!

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw how cute!!!!! And the baby chickens are great too.


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