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By PaisleyJade - Monday, January 23, 2012

Our holidays have come to an end, just as it feels like Summer has decided to arrive in New Zealand.


We just couldn't let our holidays slip by without our annual pipi collecting trip...

Of course there was also some crab collecting, as well as a bit of starfish eating by Boo (the naughty dog ate 4 starfish in the end!  Ewww!!).

I love the beach and all the adventures the kids have while there.  So much to explore...

A day perfectly ended by eating pipis and cockles on fresh white bread, drizzled in vinegar. Sooooo good!! (and the ONLY way to eat cockles in my opinion).

Farewell Summer holidays... I will miss you (but I won't miss the sand you left behind in the togs, and the bits of uneaten starfish strewn around on the beach).

Tomorrow I start my new job - the first proper job I've had since becoming a Mum nearly 13 years ago!!  I'm excited about the adventures before us this year.

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  1. What wonderful family memories you have all been creating! I pray God blesses you guys heaps and goes before you as you enter this new and exciting chapter in your lives xx

  2. Ellymay10:11 am

    Looks like Pataua, what an amazing place, never changes and always an endless supply of pipis and cockles, so many many memories have been made on these shores.God go with you in your new job, all very exciting

  3. How fun does that look ...we live near the beach but don't have those pipis and have never tried eating them. All the best for your new is hard to leave summer holidays behind.x

  4. So special! Congrats Kristy, all the best for the next year and adventures...

  5. I dont think I could ever eat cockles not a big shellfish fan, and i am impressed your kids will. I was thinking of you today as I got my girlies ready for school. All the best for starting work tomorrow, im sure this year is looking quite different for you guys. Much love. xxx

  6. congrats on going back to work! my husband and i are hoping to visit NZ and Australia next December. I will have to get tips from you!

  7. cockles on bread! interesting! :)...all the best to u Kristy on the new job! tell us about it ok :)

  8. oh BOO!!!!!

    love and light

  9. what a beautiful family time! your little fam is so cute! good luck and blessings to you as you venture into your new job tomorrow!! :)

  10. wow, how awesome that beach must be. I have never been to a beach where you find starfish on the shore. The coolest things we find are an occasional sharks tooth. I have never even heard of a cockle ... guess I am going to have to start reading your blog to learn all sorts of new things!


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