By PaisleyJade - Thursday, January 05, 2012

Lately, we've been loving the holidays here, especially getting to spend more time together as a family.  It's supposed to be Summer, but so far there has been quite a lot of rain!  

When the kids start to drive us mad, we take a five minute drive from our house, and this is what we find... 

Beautiful isn't it?  Can you see why they filmed movies like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and The Lord of the Rings here in New Zealand?

Totally loving New Zealand!

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  1. wow...i love that you can go 5 minutes and see that greeness!!! so healing to the soul :)

  2. I took a walk through there in the holidays myself and it is oh so magical! Lucky you being able to go there anytime you like. :0

  3. We Scots can certainly empathise with you on the rainy summers!

    I agree how beautiful NZ looks in your pictures. So green and lush - see that rain is good for something! And it looks very like Scotland too, although the weather here yesterday and today has been 100mph wind, so plenty of our trees have come crashing down!

  4. oohhhhhh so pretty xxx

  5. Anonymous5:53 pm

    we are enjoying an awesome summer down here too...seems we have the sunshine for a change :)

  6. so lovely. if i ever leave this continent, I want to head your way!

  7. I love the gift of Creation!!!

    Love and Light

  8. How wonderful, we're looking at coming to NZ next year, yay!! Or this year?? Oh so confusing the first weeks of January of a new year.
    I do the same, when my children start getting tetchy, out we go, swimming, cycling, walking, fresh air fixes everything. Love Posie


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