Bring it On!

By PaisleyJade - Monday, January 30, 2012

Eight weeks people... 

That's how long these precious children have been on their school holiday for.

Eight Weeks!

We've had a wonderful Summer holiday together... at times there has been fighting and bickering, but there have also been some great memories made and heaps of fun had together.

And also quite a bit of growing going on in a certain young man's life...

I have loved the holiday mode we've been in as a family, but I am super keen to get back into routine again.

Yes, I know I look slightly crazed... that's what eight weeks of holidays with 4 children does to you...

Just kidding!

Sort of.

Yes, bring on 2012 and all that it holds (including trying to buy matching pyjama sets for my children).

Joining in with Life Made Lovely Mondays.

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  1. You have such gorgeous kids Kristy and I should say one rather handsome young man there too!
    You know I have matching PJ sets for my kids and they always mix and match anyway! hehehe
    Enjoy school starting again I have another week to go!

  2. LOL
    Loved this post PJ!!!
    So funny
    Looks like someone got layers put in her hair too...makes her look older
    I love having the kids home, but am always happy to get back into the routine as well

    love and light

  3. Matching pjs would be boring :) Here's to a great term for you all!!

  4. Your kids are adorable :) But yes I am ready for routine! My kids have been really good these holiday surprisingly but its due to new places we visited, and the adored campground behaviour in which you can go for hours without seeing the kids due to them scootering for hours playing with new friends. But it came at a price, a massive dent in our savings... I think we may have to do the long boring, whinging kids holidays next time!


  5. haha...matching pajamas. Theres no guarantee that they will wear is matching!

  6. Ha! Hope they all have a great day. As for the pj's, no matter how many matching sets I buy, they always end up mismatched. Just like socks. I give up!

  7. yay for the return to school I say!!!
    Hope its an awesome year!

  8. Gorgeous kids. Hope they settle into school routine again quickly. I've spent most of today getting things organised for school- last minute. 3 at school this year and only 1 left at home. Cx

  9. You and your kids are so cute together! Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a lovely post and I do agree - it has been a wonderful holiday summer break and I've loved having the kids and Mr B home, however, it is also now time for me to reclaim my house my routine and my sanity!

  11. WOW, look how tall that guy is??!!!
    Wowzer. that's some serious growing he's been doin.
    Gorgeous family. As always.
    And hahahahaha about the PJ's - the mistmatched ones, I mean.
    Yep, know all about THOSE.

  12. Love the pictures!
    Totally thought of you today when I saw this... you need to make a mustache version;-)!
    Have a beautiful week!

  13. oh your family is beautiful! and how fun to have such a great break!! :)

  14. What a fabulously funny family you must have! Lovely, lovely blessings!


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