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By PaisleyJade - Monday, January 09, 2012

We're in cruise mode here at the moment... trying to have some family holiday time while also trying to get our house painted.  We always planned to get it done this Summer, but hello... it's pretty hard to paint your house when it's constantly raining!

Trying to paint over the previous colour: ghastly orange

So yeah, just doing the normal Kiwi things...

Like BBQs with family,

Buying up all the kid's school stationery for school this year.  Four kids = mega bucks worth of stationery!

Reading and playing games... family favourite at the moment would have to be Pictureka (cause all 6 of us can play it!).

And also, doing things like wearing gumboots while also wearing togs and jumping over the sprinkler.

Fun times.  Just your normal, everyday Summer here in The Land of the Long White Cloud.

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  1. Love normal! Love bbq's! LOVE orange!!! Hehe.

  2. Despite the rain, it sounds like a fab way to spend your holidays Kristy. Especially bbqs and sprinklers!!
    We are lucky as our school supplies all our stationery - yeehaa! of course we pay for it in our fees but love not having to source it!
    Enjoy your carefree summer days. And here it is heading to 39 C today....eeek...soooo hot.

  3. oh man I haven't even STARTED on my kids stationary lists yet..eeeeek!

    Love that your girls have "boys" gumboots like mine do!...my girls are also known to wear dinosaur pyjamas ;)so good it worked out that way and not the other way around huh? :)

  4. stationary already!? Are they on special yet?
    Cute pic of gumboots!
    Bummer you haven't had enough sun!

  5. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Love cruise mode love NZ summers slightly in denial about needing to buy stationary for an almost 5 year old...and I have 5 months to go how bad is that lol

  6. Love those phone pics they are ace! And here's hoping the worst of that weather is over so your paint gets a chance to dry!!!

  7. Good luck with painting. Home improvement projects aren't always the funniest.

  8. paint away! love those first pics! what a lol!

    P.S. You won my giveaway!!! Hooray!!

  9. Haha, we just stocked up on stationery today too...one uni student was more than enough to buy for!

  10. Perfect.
    I LOVE those crazy cellphone smile photos!
    and yeah, what's with all the RAIN???


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