Easy Peasy Creamy Dessert

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, January 24, 2012

As a young 18 year old bride, there weren't too many tasty treats that I could pull out of my repertoire to make for my poor new husband.  I think I spent way too many weekends surfing at the beach with my Dad, rather than baking in the kitchen with my Mum.

When I think back to some of my early cooking attempts, I almost cringe in horror (well, lets be honest, I do actually cringe in horror!).  I remember microwaving shop-bought pizzas for friends who visited.  They were floppy and cold by the time each one had had it's turn in the microwave. 

I also remember being asked to provide a rice salad for Christmas lunch on my hubby's side of the family.  My rice salad consisted of boiled white rice with a few peas, pepper and salt and corn pieces. Symon still reminds me (with fake fondness) to this day of my horrid attempt at a rice salad.

Thankfully, time heals wounds (as well as teaches you how to utilize cook books).

There is one recipe however, that I learned while at Manual (or technology as they call it these days) while at Intermediate School that is actually delicious! The cooking class teacher who shared this recipe with us was a genius!

This is one of those things that I whip up when I have nothing much in the cupboard, and is soooo easy to improvise with (but does contain raw egg whites, so not the best thing obviously for pregnant women or those with egg allergies).

2-3 egg whites
½ - ¾ cup sugar (castor sugar is best, but normal will be ok if that's all you have)
1 - 2 pottles of fruit yoghurt (if you don't have yoghurt, you can improvise with the syrup from tinned fruit)

Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form then slowly add sugar, beating until it is a glossy, thick consistency.

Fold in yoghurt until well mixed (if you don't have yoghurt, slowly add about half a cup of fruit syrup while mixing with the beater.  

Dish mixture into individual bowls/glasses, top with favourite fruit or chocolate chips, and chill until needed.

So there it is - go and make it right now, I dare you!

For more delicious recipes visit here.
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  1. I'm off to make it now...sounds delicious :)

  2. So making this tonight!

  3. YUM!!! you can also use whipped cream instead of egg whites - makes an ambrosia type deliciousness. MMMMMMMMmmmmm

  4. Yummo...sounds amazing. Love the stories of your early cooking attempts. I used to regularly serve lasagne with half cooked lasagne sheets to friends. I truly didn't improve until I bought Nigella Lawson's "How to Eat" back in 2000. Poor Dave, we'd been married 8 years by then! I still worry about roast meat and get Dave to check it.

    It's all about the fruit yoghurt in our house at the moment, so this recipe will be a sure fire winner! Thanks for helping:)Meredy xo

  5. Whilst it looks dangerous, after reading the recipe I was surprised by how healthy the ingredients were (minus the chocolate maybe), going into my repertoire too, thanks :)

  6. Yum, yum, yum. Gonna try this one on the weekend!

  7. Oh delicious & look at me, able to comment again (using the children's computer, typical, better than mine) love Posie


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