Music Monday

By PaisleyJade - Monday, August 01, 2011

A bit of music for your Monday... because sometimes Monday's need a bit of good music to help us get going.

My Monday was meant to be all about sending the three oldest kids back to school after two weeks of school holidays, but ended up with only sending one child off to school and keeping the other three at home because of coughs (which suspiciously disappeared later in the morning).  Fun times I tell you!

One of my favourite parts of each day is getting up early while the house is still quiet (and usually freezing... which is why I love my crochet blanket), sticking on my mp3 player and listening to great music (which also helps drown out the banging and clattering that comes with kids who wake with the crack of dawn), reading the Bible and spending time with God.  I tell you, it's like honey to my soul and the very best way to start your day.

Usually some of that music includes the songs from Ascend the Hill.  Love their music (and not just because it's free).


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  1. Have you changed the background on your blog recently? Looks super pretty! Hehe love the 'suspicious coughs'

  2. Oooh I love that you have such a beautiful morning ritual!! It still is hard for me to get used to it being summer here but not there, but I NEED to do something like you do, absolutely love it!!!


    hmmm...will those coughs reappear tomorrow morning ;)

  3. Love that first photo!!!

    Joyce Meyer on Shine TV today was talking exactly about that..creating a ritual of getting up and spending time with God...and how after a few weeks it becomes a habit. Good on you and yay for crochet blankets.

  4. vital part of the day those morning quiet times!

  5. can i pay you/beg you to make me a mix tape ??? you find the BEST music.
    i was raised on old hymns. love the lyrics.


  6. I envy you those mornings. I used to do that BC (Before Children) but struggle to make it work now.

  7. I agree with you on the best way to start the morning. I figured out that this one on one time with God is the key to getting in the right frame of mind for the day. No distractions... and a little bit of coffee too. :) Happy MOnday.

  8. Love love love this post! Add a little coffee to the music and the good word and it would be the best morning ;0)

  9. Girl, I love this post.. and I never knew of Ascend the Hill. So glad to know of them now..."honey to my soul" so so true. thank you:)

  10. I'm so thankful you posted a link to Ascend the Hill's music. This brought tears to my eyes, and I look forward to listening to more of their work, Kristy! :)

  11. beautiful! thanks for this new-to-me music! xo

  12. You got me onto Ascend the hills stuff ages ago, you posted something about them, I looked em up and got hooked!! I never did say thanks so .... THanks!! :)

    Love the top pic of that gorgeous young man!! ;) xxxx

  13. Great song, you must be an awesome multitask-er. I can't listen to music and read at the same time, if I could it would be a great solution drowning out the kids racket and getting my "quiet times" back.
    Suzie xx


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