Things I'm Loving

By PaisleyJade - Friday, August 26, 2011

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  

Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

I'm loving this Russian doll money box that I found while on our big trip down to meet the Kiwi Mummy Bloggers last weekend...

Loving whipping up some fresh lemon cupcakes with lemon curd hidden inside, and a dash of lemon syrup on the side...

Loving spending two amazing days away with my soul mate at Manifest Presence Conference.  We haven't actually been away to a conference together since before we had kids (nearly 13 years!!)! A massive thanks to my parents and Symon's parents for their help with our children while we were away!!

While at the conference, loving the worship, hearing the amazing wisdom from speakers like Danny Silk, Bill Johnson and Kim Walker, seeing multitudes of people healed from things like Bell's palsy, metal rods and plates disappear etc. as we all prayed for those around us.  Woohoo, God is awesome!!

Loved hanging out with special friends... who also shouted us Star Bucks Coffees (cause our little town of Whangarei ain't that trendy yet).

Here's how you can join in....
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  1. Ahhh I bet that was an amazing conference!! You two are very cute together;) Have a great weekend !!

  2. hooray for the time away with the hubs and better yet that it was a time to be refreshed in the Lord.

  3. Oh, yey for parents/in-laws for looking after your kidlets so you two could get away - sweet photo! Those muffins look so good. Love the professional swipe of syrup, very glam.

  4. Love it all!
    The conference sounded AMAZING! Kim Walker?! Are you serious?!!! Wow. Seriously.
    And being healed from Bells Palsy? Awesome! I've been suffering from Bells Palsy on the left side of my face since 2005 so I'm always pleased to hear stories of God's healing in this area. I'm still waiting & believing for it! :)

  5. I love the Russian Doll money box! How cute is it!?

    That cupcakes looks YUMMO!

    Yay to a trip away with Hubby sans kids! And to your parents for helping it happen!

  6. Yay for the getaway, sounds like a blast. We went forever without a holiday away from children (like you, never really craved leaving them or desperate to escape them) & last year we went to Europe, it was amazing, 2nd honeymoon 13 years later, i loved it & came home & loved my children even more.
    Love Posie

  7. Oh how did i miss commenting on the Babushka money box, LOVE!! Love Posie

  8. MMMMMM - lemon cupcakes, YUM!

    Holidays (well conferences) without kids, almost as yummy as the cupcakes!

  9. How lovely to have an uplifting and inspiring time away as a couple and those cupcakes looks delicious! Loving the doll too :)

  10. Anonymous4:28 pm

    is it that time again
    not sure I will get to my list BUT
    I will say this
    love how your referred to your hubby as your soul mate
    love parents who take care of grandchildren
    love getting filled with the Spirit
    love bloggy get togethers!
    love russian nesting dolls
    and love the loven' I can always find here!
    Happy Weekend PJ

    love and light

  11. Glad the conference was great and you got some "you two" time!

  12. aww that photo of you and your hubby is just gorgeous!!!
    And Im glad the conference was so AMAZING! cant wait to hear all about it in person.
    digging that money box and thinking I really should have got one too!!!

  13. What a lovely list, the cupcakes look heavenly, Babushka moneybox is gorgeous and hooray for quality time away with hubby! x Sam

  14. Anonymous1:02 am

    Wow what a GREAT list you have this week! Love it all!!
    And that money box - CUTE :)

    That kiwi bloggers get together sounds fantastic too! Perhaps one day I could attend one... is it cheating if I now live Perth though lol...

  15. As a fellow friday favorite and loving things blogger can I just tell you that I LOVE THIS POST! Especially the Starbucks -- because I totally and completely and 100% get that. As I sip my coffee right now.

    We heard Bill Johnson speak a little over 4 years ago. Amazing. In fact, it even gives me goose bumps to write about it.

    Be blessed. Love your heart.


  16. Anonymous2:39 am

    just found your blog through rachel at finding joy :) i love it! so excited to read more. happy friday!

  17. Hooray for time with your beloved!

    I love how excited you were over Starbucks too!

  18. I love this. I'm headed to a conference with my hubs at the end of September. I can't wait! That's the closest thing to vacation I've got coming my way!

  19. So cool you got two days away - that conference sounds awesome - almost enough to tempt me back to a conference!!

  20. Congratulations on the coffee score @ St. Arbucks! (I sure could use an icy frap about now...)

    ummmmmmmm -- lemon cuppies with lemon curd? -- I think I just may have to do that for Sunday's breakfast.

    Thanks for the party!

  21. your family is soo cute!


  22. Oh one more thing.. :)
    I added you to my link party page! & I'm your newest follower!
    I hope you will come visit my blog & follow!

  23. What a lovely week it looks like you've had. Time with your man with no children to interrupt would have been much appreciated!

  24. Those cupcakes look amazing!

  25. Mmmmm, I love cupcakes!

    Beertje Zonn

  26. Sounds like you had a great time. Uplifting conferences are great, add some terrific friends and even better! Amy

  27. What a wonderful getaway with your husband:) Love the Russian doll item too(and your totes)!

  28. Yum lemon curd in the muffins...I'm hungry now!!
    The Conf sounds awesome too x

  29. Oops choppy is me: rebecca ...better sign my email sending boy outta here!

  30. O wow time away without kids - so jealous!! Hope the conf was awesome. Kim Walker! Jealous again.
    P.s. Starbucks isn't that great is it? There is WAY better coffee out there

  31. That money box is gorgeous! And I am a sucker for anything lemony. Thanks for the linky :)


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