Things I'm Loving...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, August 19, 2011

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  

Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

Finding a "Mollie Makes" magazine in my neck of the woods!  A massive thanks to Kylie from Blue Teacups who got them up here after a wee bit of begging, and also let me know about it. The crazy thing was that we even bumped into each other in the shop while grabbing a copy!

Loving the excitement that a short hail storm brings to our kids... you see, with all the snow falling in other parts of New Zealand lately, they were feeling pretty sad about missing out.  I did what any crazy good mother would do, and let them run out and play in the hail.  My poor snow-deprived children...

Loving wee cow girls...

Loving spaces to display a few of my favourite things (now that the fish tank that spilled water in my drawer has been moved)...

Loving seeing my kids taking part in their school cross country!  It seemed to be the day for shoes falling off - my girl lost one of hers but still came in 2nd, and Jacksta's boy had his fall off twice (see here), yet won his race in the end!  Coolest cross country moment right there!

Loving these cute Russian doll iron ons...

Finally, loving my blogging buddies!  When there's 40% off at your local Spotlight store, who better to go and visit it with than them!  Best of all, a group of us Kiwi Mummy Bloggers are all going to meet up in Auckland this Saturday!!  Really looking forward to that (p.s. excuse my crazy face).

Here's how you can join in....
Link up below with your blog post telling us what thing/s you are loving, and don't forget to link back to here in your post (or use this button below) and visit the others who have joined in too. Linky open until Sunday!!


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  1. Anonymous9:03 am

    Loving that spotlight sale and Mollie makes looks very nice. I love your wee one runnign with her shoe in hand - what I star.

  2. hehehe at Jackie's comment!! Awesome lot of things to be loving!

  3. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Jealous of your Mollie Makes!!
    Can't find it anywhere!

  4. ooh I have been wanting to get that magazine! Thats so sweet to see your kids all excited over the hail :)

  5. Anonymous1:31 pm

    lovely colourful photos of things to be thankful for!!

  6. Love that your girl came 2nd with only one shoe - and that she came in holding onto the other! How fun to be heading to Auckland to meet up with bloggy friends - have fun!

  7. Oh yay, i'm a proud mumma of many cross country champions (my twins take turns, so cute). Congratulations, it's a loooong way.
    I bump into so many ladies at Spotlight on those sale days, it's like "hey, busted cheap skate" but why the hell not.
    Have a gorgeous weekend, love Posie

  8. Love the photo of the cross country race !! Hehe :) So cute! Way to go girly for still comin in second without one shoe!!!!

  9. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Ooh, where did you get the Mollie Makes mag? I'd love to get a copy too!

    Looking forward to tomorrow :)

  10. Loving how often you and the Whangarei Bloggers meet up, how cool is that!

  11. Ellymay4:42 pm

    Love the crazy face, you sure are special x x

  12. Yay - so glad you got a copy of Mollie Makes! It's fab isn't it. So funny that you met Kylie in the bookstore too. Very small world!

  13. Can't wait for tomorrow!
    I have so much to share for loving this week but life has intervened so I've done a PHOTO-Less one!!

  14. So jealous of the 40% off Sale at Spotlight. My closest spotlight is 1 and a half hrs away. I have a Lincraft though, but its not the same...

    Yay on your girl coming in 2nd! Great effort.

  15. Thanks for the inspiration and the link-up! It's just what I needed to help get me out of my blogging funk! :)

  16. Spotlight was the place to be this week :-) What a great idea to make it a bloggy outing!
    Great list as always, especially love the one shoe cross country runner- what a star!

  17. Funny, I was just looking at that magazine today in the supermarket! It's the first time I've seen it over here so I think it might be new to us.

    Funny too, how you love the hail!

  18. I love the Russian dolls. We had hail the other day but it was angry hurricane hail.

  19. Yayyy for Spotlight sales... and bloggy meet ups (and both at the same time) and national bloggy meet ups (bit bummed I missed that time!).. and runners (one shoed runners) with other shoe in hand!! hahaha And loving the name tag you made for meg too! awesome... just like ... YOU! xx


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