Neapolitan Cake

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, February 27, 2011

This weekend we decided to have a little celebration for no reason at all.  The last week has been rather glum and I think we have all realised that life in itself should be celebrated for no reason, especially after what is currently happening here in New Zealand.

Since overcoming my fear of layer cakes recently with The Rainbow Cake (probably not the best cake to try first if you have layer-cake-phobia), I have been imagining tonnes of glorious colour and flavour combinations that could be made with layer cakes.

Presenting, the Neapolitan Cake!  Layers of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cake, sandwiched together with strawberry jam and iced with shocking pink icing and chocolate sprinkles (the icing sadly split a bit but thankfully no one really cared!).

I used Meredy's cake recipe here and adapted it for the various colours and flavours.

Did everyone love it - yes!  Was it super sickly - yes! 

I think we may just have to start celebrating 'just because' with cake a bit more often.

For more delicious recipes, visit here
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  1. Looks very YUMMY! love the pink frosting and the layers look so pretty.:D

  2. Nom nom NOM! That looks SO good!
    How is it that no one in your family is HUMONGOUS!? You are always making such delicious treats! I want to come live with youuu! hehe :p

  3. You are really the cake fairy! Your pastries and cakes always look so delicious!

  4. i felt the same today and made some sticky buns from annabel langbein cook book!

  5. Yummo!
    This used to be my most requested birthday cake in childhood and seeing it here has brought back a whole lot of lovely memories.

    Good plan too, doing this before the full on Rainbow Cake.

    x Felicity

  6. You make some of the most colourfull, amazing and BIGGEST cakes i have ever seen!!
    Very impressed and jealous!

  7. Oh WOW!!!
    i love it that you just do a fancy smancy cake for no reason! Awesome! we all need to do more of that.
    If my children see this... they will want to come and live with you!!!

  8. Awesome. I might have to steal your inspiration, we cuold do with some brightening up too!

  9. I like that - celebrating "just because" with a scrumptious looking cake!
    Love your non-stop ideas and inspirations for Loving Life, especially in such a time as this when we need to love even harder! xx

  10. Ellymay11:15 pm

    PaisleyJade you are a wonder unto many, yum yum Mr P J sure found a winner in you, and your kids have the bestest Mum x x

  11. YUMMO!! That cake looks fab, I'm thinking I should attempt something like it for a baby shower coming up :0)

  12. That cake is awesome! I love the pink !

  13. What a fabulous cake to celebrate with! Maybe next time you could even serve it with neapolitan ice cream:)

  14. It's a wonder Syms is still super slim...still, hard to get ripped on a diet so flash eh Syms ;)

  15. YUMMY!! You are so clever and I agree..very cool that you celebrate with an awesome cake for no reason.

  16. this is lovely!
    gotta try it!

  17. Mmmm Delicious!!! You inspire to me attempt a layer cake!

  18. Oh my goodness this looks SO GOOD! What a beautiful cake!

  19. Anonymous12:38 am

    I really love the idea of taking time out to just celebrate. Celebrate life, and each other. What a great way to get some quality time together - and who doesn't love cake?! And that one looks amazing! xx

  20. I am so jealous of your baking skills! Beautiful!
    I think a whole lot of NZ families were finding ways to celebrate and forget for a little while over the weekend

  21. WOW. Just... wow. Is it okay to have dessert right after breakfast? 'Cause that's what you've made me do. I'm pinning the blame on you!

  22. What an AMAZING cake! Just came across your blog, and love it!


  23. I love this! I had been looking for a Neapolitan cupcake recipe - I think a cake recipe would be so much better - and more striking! Thanks for sharing!!


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