We finally have a Christmas tree

By PaisleyJade - Monday, December 15, 2008

Today Mandrake and Master 9 brought home a Christmas tree. You should have seen the excitement on Miss 1's face!

The smell of a real Christmas tree is amazing!

The last of my felt Christmas decorations have been finished (I had to restrain myself) and I am hoping the tree isn't brown before Christmas like last year.

I love a quote I heard tonight... "The greatest gifts aren't from under the tree, the greatest gift died on a tree".

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  1. Very beautiful Christmas tree, Kristy! Your handmade ornaments are the prettiest.

  2. Gorgeous birds! I love a real tree too - ours is fake this year. I am considering getting some pine logs to hide behind the couch for the smell. Our tree died last year before Christmas day, so we had to put up a little one on Christmas eve.

  3. about time too!
    great tree and docorations.
    we feed ours water every day and two weeks in it's still looking good.

  4. loving that tree especially when viewed up close with that weird magnification thingy :)

  5. love your ornaments Kristy!! You crafty thing you! Where do you find the time??

  6. Love the decos Kris.....tree looks fab!


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