Christmas ornament overload

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Okay - so I am going over the top a bit with my Christmas decorations... but I do love the little snowman. It's actually quite funny having a snowman to hang on our Christmas tree - especially since we are celebrating Christmas in the heat of summer here in New Zealand!

I can imagine that for many people Christmas time conjures up memories of snow-frosted trees, hot chocolate, snowmen and mittens. Here in New Zealand it reminds me of family BBQ's, beach trips, strawberries and icy cold drinks.

What are some of the things that come to mind when you think of Christmas?

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  1. I love the little birds! :)

  2. Sanitarium going out of business in a flood of milk.

    Oh, and there's this strange niggling imagining of trees dressing as if they had never heard of fashion before; accessorising; "blinging out". Funny how I always picture them as pines. Weird.

  3. Definitely makes me think of hot weather and trips to the beach.

  4. Santa stockings, looking out the window on Christmas eve after carols by candlelight trying to see Santa, the Christmas morning church service and Grandad saying he'd eat his hat if he spoke for longer than 20mins (which kept us kids slightly amused and under control whilst we waited for the service to finish), large family gatherings, laughter, food, and mostly the Christmas story of Jesus' birth and how beautiful that is.

  5. Big family get togethers, eating wayyyy to much yet always finding room for just one more something, Macintoshes toffees, trifle, long car trips, games, games and games, beach, beach and beach. So much, but so fun.

    Love all that you've made! Well done!

  6. that snowman is uber cute!! I may need to start making some decorations for our tree soon or it'll be too late.


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