Recycled denim tote

By PaisleyJade - Monday, December 29, 2008

My Pop does not like wearing jeans... something to do with them feeling itchy and scratchy? He prefers slacks instead. So thanks to my Nana, I was given a lovely big bag of material scraps recently, along with a couple of pairs of brand new jeans.

The jeans were not quite my style or size (or Mandrakes), so I decided to create a recycled denim tote from the poor rejected jeans. To be honest, the stretchy denim gave me so much grief, but I did get there in the end.

Behold, my first recycled denim tote, lined with my favourite paisley fabric (with secret key and mobile phone pockets of course!).

I do like it, especially the pocket on the front.

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  1. That looks fab! The denim and paisley go together perfectly. I love chopping up old ugly jeans too!

  2. Gorgeous! I love your fabric combinations!

  3. ooh I love it. I made a little bag from a pr of Thierry's worn out jeans a little while ago too... was a bit funny thinking of my friend walking around with my husband's jeans over her shoulder though!! Can I ask where you got your tags from? They make it look so professional!! Love the paisley fabric and the heart!

  4. Hey Sophie... got them from . They are iron on ones, but I usually stick them onto felt and then sew them on.

  5. Very cool Kris....I have that same paisley fabric in green as cushions!

  6. That's so cool! I must put a bag like that on my list of things to make in 2009!

  7. I just love the name tag on the pocket. Clever girl.


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