Felt Stockings

By PaisleyJade - Monday, December 08, 2008

My 'to do' list for the next couple of weeks is very long... so for some reason, instead of doing the things on my list I ended up making these cute little stocking decorations to hang on the Christmas tree. Each one fits a candy cane.

We don't actually have a tree yet... due to getting one a bit too early last year and then regretting the rush as all the family sat around a slightly brown tree on Christmas day.

How is your 'to do list' looking? I bet it's not as long as mine ;)

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  1. to do list...
    *meet all copying deadlines
    *bang head against wall
    *talk to staff nicely
    *calmly explain to irate customer why job not complete
    *call up youth pastor for counseling
    *cry on Jon Dylan's shoulder and request hug
    *try to not to feel too bad after being rejected
    *attempt to spend less time at work
    *end up taking work home
    *take a mad dash to supermarket after running out of panadol
    *ask for advice on fitting in time for christmas shopping
    *ask for an early holiday
    *pretend it's christmas day already
    *thank God you haven't had any kids yet to add to your stress
    *wait in anticipation for youth pastor & boyfriend to have arm-wrestle to provide you with much needed comic relief
    *get into trouble with boyfriend after suggesting youth pastor will win
    *pull the "girl" card and get away with it

  2. Wow - maybe my list isn't that long after all! Good laugh though Katie.

  3. Wow. The stockings are fantastic! You are a very creative lady Kristy!

  4. I should also add that my "to-do" list is getting longer rather than shorter. I am very easily distracted.

  5. I'm afraid my list will not fit here teehee! I love your colourful stockings! So merry and bright. xx

  6. very cute stockings!!!

  7. as long as it made you smile that's the main reason i put it up tehehe :) love u k xox

  8. love the little stockings! my list is pretty long too, yet here i am surfing the net... ;)

  9. we don't get a "live" tree, although one of these years I'd really like to!!! Mr Sew-Funky isn't all that receptive to the idea, especially in HOT NZ - he's used to cold Christmases in the UK. :)


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