Family Holiday 2014

By PaisleyJade - Friday, October 10, 2014

We've just come from a short family holiday - a much needed time away together.

My lovely Aunty and Uncle let us stay at their beach house, such an awesome spot where you can get away from civilization... but not too far away. 

I was once again blown away by the beauty of New Zealand beaches, and by how awesome God is...

The kids loved exploring the beaches, swimming in the freezing water, having a go at fishing, and spending heaps of family time relaxing, playing board games/cards, laughing, crochet and reading. The 3 boys even found and completed a kitten puzzle!  Hehe.

Just having this short break has reinforced that we need to make the effort to do this regularly - to make sure we connect as a family, and create great memories for our kids.

Looking back at our photos from the same location 2 years ago, and 3 years ago, it's hard to believe how much the kids have grown!!

So here's to carving out time for those you love, instead of letting the busyness of life take priority.
Here's to amazing generous family who let you stay in their homes.
Here's to New Zealand - such a beautiful place to live!
Here's to my precious husband and kids - I love you guys heaps.

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  1. what an awesome adventure and break together! now that we are settling back home, we are definitely thinking more about family traditions and legacy. making that a priority is so important! as always, thanks for sharing PJ!

  2. beautiful. it is all about making memories!

  3. It's crazy to see how much the kids have grown!! Such a beautiful family!!

  4. It's crazy to see how much the kids have grown!! Such a beautiful family!!


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