A Family Holiday

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, April 19, 2012

We've been away on holiday and have just arrived home (I fooled you with my sneaky pre-programmed posts didn't I!).

It was wonderful!  Symon and I had a few days all by ourselves (thanks to my awesome Mum) in my Uncle and Aunts beach house, and then the kids came out to join us for the rest of the holiday.

Of course, life with 4 children is never perfect, even when you go away together on holiday, but it was so good to rest, hang out as a family and just be.

We all need time to just BE (oh, and crochet, play board games until the cows came home, eat Tip Top icecreams, sleep in, walk along the beach, watch movies, go fishing...).

Yes, there was fishing...

and beaching...

Beaching always has to include Cat's Eye collecting (this photo with Nana)...

and 'who can skip stones the best' competitions (Poppa was the champ)...

Boo had tonnes of fun...

But had to be banned from ALL starfish after trying to eat this poor litte starfish guy...

Both sets of grandparents came out to visit, which was so lovely...

Yep, a much needed holiday.  Sooooo good!

p.s. Thanks for your comments on my posts while I was away.  They made me laugh lots, and you'll be happy to know that "The Ugly Blanket" has now been renamed "The Retro Caravan Blanket", thanks to your awesome ideas.

  Drake family holiday, April 2012

I love my family, love holidays and totally love New Zealand (even when it's a wee bit chilly).

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  1. Anonymous7:58 am

    Stunning photographs and so beautiful. Your children are growing so fast.

  2. Oh lovely, sounds like a great time! I LOVE family holidays - did you head further north or go south though? Oh and I freakin' LOVE your dog!!!!

  3. Ahhh wow. Yay for such a beautiful family holiday.
    How AWESOME that BOTH sets of grandparents got to come out and join in.
    You're a gorgeous bunch. Love heaps...

  4. Yay yay and more YAY...

    I love holidays with the family
    I Love when we do stuff and have both sets of grandies around
    I love the beach, fishing, all of the stuff you mentioned!!
    And I had to laugh at Boo trying to eat the starfish... geez nothing sacred?? lol
    :) xx

  5. What a beautiful post! I adore your first photo - that would look amazing framed hon.

    Have a fab week.

  6. bless your mum

    pleased you were able to have this time away and it looks like it was an awwwwwwwwwwwesome (this is the way my youngest says this word :) )holiday

  7. glad you had a great time away ♥

  8. Pleased you had a relaxing break. Your first photo is worth framing!

  9. Love the pics :-) SO good that you had an awesome break to recharge the batteries :-) xo

  10. Sounds like a wonderful time and the pictures are gorgeous too! Love Boo and his starfish eating issues!

  11. It tickles me every single time you use the word holiday. We say vacation. Holiday sounds so much more fun! Looks like is was loads of fun. Beautiful family!

  12. So good to have special time away together to re-charge, you guys are a gorgeous family

  13. Like like like x a gazillion!!!

  14. This is looks like alot of fun! The photos of the place are magical too. I am planning something like that this weekend. oxox

  15. Great pictures!!! I want to travel so bad, and that just makes me itch for it even more!!! I'm glad y'all enjoyed your vacation, and it's so awesome that you and your hubby got some alone time! :)

  16. simply pure fun. love the pictures. looks beautiful!
    ( i agree with Joy, I want to use the word "holiday" too! My kids might not understand me, but they would adapt!!)
    God continue to bless you with rest!

  17. your cute as a button youngest never seems to grow older! lovely photos, we love our little holiday at the end of the year, something to look forward to. xx

  18. Love your photos, Paisely Jade. x


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