By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today our Nation stops to remember the brave souls who sacrificed their lives, so that we could live in freedom.

While recently going through some family records (my Dad has an amazing box of old photos, historical family documents etc), we stumbled across an official letter that was sent to one of my family members, letting them know that their son had died while serving as a soldier in WW1. Finding documents like this, brings the reality of ANZAC day home...  Mothers and Fathers who's children never returned home.

ANZAC Day = a day to remember and be thankful

p.s. also a day to eat ANZAC biscuits too!

Photo taken on our recent trip to Auckland Museum

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  1. beautiful

    love and light

  2. Oh that is a heart stopper. So far as we know, everyone on both sides of our family returned from war, so lucky. My husband is in Afghanistan now, it's really sad on days like ANZAC Day to not have him here with us, war is raw, simple as that. He's home in a month, yay, 8 months down, we're almost there, love Posie


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