Poppa's Camera

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Recently my two girls got their hands on Poppa's camera and took a few shots... well, let's just say there was quite a few shots. I was intrigued, amused and rather impressed with their photography skills as well as their eye for detail (including feet).

Here are a few of my favourites - I love seeing photos through they eyes of kids.  Enjoy!


Some talent right there huh?


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  1. Fabulous shots there!

  2. They are amazing, I can see them doing one for each of your kids and making up a book! I used to do that with my students, give them the camera rather than me the teacher, and the photos were always more intimate and relaxed! I love the last one the most!

  3. I especially love that last shot and the one of Boo. Framers for sure!

  4. These are such great photos!


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