Big Weekend Away (Number 2!!)

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, September 09, 2014

It's that time in our family life again where another child was due for his Big Weekend Away!  You may remember my blog post here in 2010 when Symon took our older boy away for his big weekend.

These weekends away are so precious and important to us as a family - a time for our kids to go away with their mum or dad and have some good quality one on one time to talk about adulthood (you know, growing up, the birds and the bees etc).

Thankfully Parents Inc. have made the job easy for us by producing an awesome CD series that you can just pop on in the long car ride away, and pause to discuss anything during the CD.  A fabulous resource for families.

Our youngest boy loves everything science and computer related and also loves adventures, so Symon and him had a great time exploring Auckland war tunnels, catching a movie together, checking out an arcade gaming parlour and getting to see the Mythbusters Live show amongst other things.  

Somehow Symon managed to get VIP seats for no extra cost at the Mythbusters show, and then the most awesome thing happened... our boy got to actually go on stage with the Mythbusters and take part in an experiment involving a high speed camera.  How cool is that!?!?

Growing up into an adult can be rather daunting for kids (and us adults!) and so we both feel it is so important to be involved in guiding your child through this process as best as possible.  Rather than ignoring or redirecting the growing up questions to other people, peers or school, us parents need to take the bull by the horns and get involved.  Mixing it up with some quality bonding time and fun makes it so worth it, and really memorable.

Symon is a pro at this by now, and I'm a bit nervous now that it's my turn to do it for our 2 girls!  I am looking forward to planning some fun girly adventures and pampering though.

Here's to raising fabulous adults!!

Here are some great resources to assist in your Big Weekend Away:

The Big Weekend with Parents Inc. 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like more information!  

p.s. A massive thank you to Shelley (Symon's big sis) for being an amazing hostess!

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  1. I should know this but I am interested in what age you have decided to do these big weekends at and how much work you've had to do to protect your kids from getting information about these things from school friends etc before the big weekend away - I'm thinking we're about 3 or so years away from this but I do worry about kids who are more mature/immature giving my boys stories and I want us to be first in.

  2. You guys are SO AMAZING. Your big weekend away kicked our big weekend away's butt. So inspiring. x

  3. Love it!! Just showed my kids the video.. they would love such an experience :)


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