Coffee Sack Art

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our awesome niece Alex and her husband Hans (owners of Coffee General & Merito Roasters) generously gave us some of their empty coffee sacks recently!  The creative part of my brain has been whirling with ideas of things to create (totes, cushions etc.), but in the meantime, Symon had his mind made up to frame one of the sacks as a piece of art for our bedroom wall.

First he chose the most suitable sack...

Then he made up a simple frame from timber and cut the sack to fit...

He stretched the sack evenly over the frame and gun stapled it in place at the back...

Done!  So simple and we love it (Symon really does love it - but he wasn't really in the mood for photos when this was taken.  Haha!)...

Stay tuned for more coffee sack creations!

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  1. You guys are all so creative, what a great idea!


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