By PaisleyJade - Friday, October 31, 2014

There's been so much happening this last month - here's some of the good stuff...

Got to hang with these awesome blogger chicks... some are current bloggers, some retired bloggers, new bloggers and also a few bloggers currently in hibernation - but I think they are all pretty awesome and there are always lots of laughs when we catch up.  It was extra special having the awesome Leonie come along.  We miss you Leonie!!  Also welcome to Hope from The Carpenter's Helpmeet!

There was some time for crafting in public too...

My Nana, Mum, two girls and myself had the fabulous experience of travelling to Auckland to see the Sound of Music Stage Show at The Civic a couple of weeks ago!  For those of you not familiar with The Civic, that place itself is an experience with it's golden adorned interior, sparkly star ceiling and amazing stairways and design.  The show was so good and such a treat for this Sound of Music loving bunch of girls!  I kid you not,,, the drive down and back home was filled with much song and laughter.

We came across some of the chocolate milk that has been sending New Zealand into a frenzy with security guards needed at supermarkets, black market stuff being sold on the internet and ques for hours to taste this stuff (I'm not kidding!).  My view - delicious and my most favourite chocolate milk.. but I wouldn't cry myself to sleep at night about not having had a taste yet... it will come your way soon people!

Loving making Penguin Pie with my girl - actually Bacon & Egg Pie, but penguins on top totally makes sense aye?!?  This one is obsessed with penguins... thankfully she now wants to work with penguins when she grows up, rather than 'be' a penguin when she grows up...

Loving local sunsets - God's artwork in the sky...

Loving my church family - I love the heart this place has for each other and it's community...

I have finally finished my Crosses Granny Square blanket!  Just currently threading in about a million ends and then will show you it!

Really enjoyed a recent family reunion of Symon's side of the family down in Auckland... great bunch of people if I do say so myself!

So much happening right now - including my eldest prepping for NCEA Level 1 exams.  Like they say, they do grow up ever so fast, all the more reason to stop and enjoy every moment, take stock of the blessings and look forward to making many more memories.

So much to be thankful for. xoxo

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  1. Lots of lovely things in there!

  2. Aw, Love you Kristy!! Miss you awesome girls heaps too!! It was a great catch up.
    I am so in love with your latest blanket! wow!! amazing.

  3. Wasn't Sound of Music amazing?! I went in Wellington and loved it so much that I shouted mum and dad an early Christmas present to go in Auckland - they loved it too! So much to love here xx


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