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By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quite a while ago I created a group on Flickr for crafters who were game enough to craft in public - and take a photo of it.  It all started when I overcame my fear of public crafting here.

Every now and then I check out the group for the latest pics and have been super impressed with some of these people. 

Below are some photos of my current favourite, public crafter Twirlz.  She's so funny.

Here she is, doing a bit of public crafting at the dentists...

Woah - crafting in the danger zone...

Crafting in the water...

and my favourite... crafting on her wedding day!!!  Haha - you are awesome Twirlz!

Whose keen to take some crazy photos of themselves crafting in public?

Check out the pool here, and feel free to join in!

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  1. Ha! those are fabulous!!!
    The beach is still my limit for public crafting alone.. but I'll try to get more creative! Maybe I'll take my crochet to Disneyland... lol

  2. Fantastic. And such dedication too. A while back you inspired me to come out of the closet with crafting. Thanks for sharing these. Cx

  3. What a brilliant idea! Im doing a bit of french knitting at the mo. a do anywhere craft if ever there was one, ill have to stash it in my handbag and see when the impulse to craft take me!

  4. Leonie if you craft at Disneyland I will love you forever! I really want to see that pic!! Love it PJ...those pics crack me up.

  5. hahahahah...that's awesome! Shes truly dedicated!! ;)

  6. The crafting at the dentist is a riot!! That is devotion!!! (but seriously...if I could would be a nice distraction!) :-)

  7. LOL
    you crafting chicks are CRAZY!!!!

    i love it!

    love and light

  8. hahaha, that's hard core alright.
    I nearly considered becoming a crafter just so i could join your craft nerds group... but my glue gun is not very convenient for public crafting...

  9. I haven't been on flickr in forever so hadn't seen that you had posted this. Thank you! I haven't done anything interesting for a while, but I've got a couple things I want to try in the spring...knitting on a trampoline, and knitting while jumping rope.

    Any of your readers have some other good suggestions of places?


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