*insert evil laugh here*

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Should I be concerned by this note (found lying around our home) that was written by my 5 year old?

On other matters, hopefully she won't destroy the world tomorrow because it's my birthday!  Yay!!!

Hubby gave me my birthday present two days early - I just love his cost effective gift wrapping (aka the duvet cover)...

It's a mixer!  So blessed and happy that I can do baking without having to hold my little op-shop hand beater the whole time.  Thanks babe!

See you soon (that is if my 5 year old has a change of heart for this poor old planet earth).

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  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow! And GREAT birthday gift!

  2. PMSL
    love the note
    Happy Happy Birthday Miss PJ
    you are lovely

    love and light

  3. hahahaha, that is too funny!
    Happy happy birthday PJ, you deserve to be spoiled (so just as well you have just the right guy around to do that on behalf of us all who love you to bits)

  4. you will be baking away! how awesome. happy for you!


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