Sistas 2012!

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I'm back - and I had an amazing time away at Sistas Conference 2012!

A group of 17 ladies from our church travelled down together and hired out the coolest holiday home to stay in while we attended the conference.  Think heated pool, spa, lots of laughs etc.

Our journey started out with a bit of drama... one of our vans broke down in Auckland right before rush hour... then once the van was towed away and the courtesy car retrieved, guess what?  The courtesy car broke down!!

Thankfully the ones left behind eventually arrived at the conference, and the only other thing to break during our time away was my bed (that is a whole other story right there!)...

The conference was amazing - great atmosphere, great worship and speakers and great people to share the experience with.

God is seriously amazing, and I feel relaxed, refreshed and excited after spending time away with my beautiful sisters!

 Favourite thoughts/quotes from the conference...

"Stop sleeping through every season of your life.  Enjoy what God has for you now.  God is in each season and we can rush through only to look back and realise God was in it (even the difficult, dark, dry or boring times)." Priscilla Shirer

"The circumstance of life never take God off guard" Maree de Jong

"Beautiful people do not just happen... our personal breakthroughs are never just for us, they are for all generations.  When you learn to stand you will help others to do the same." Maree de Jong

"Unforgiveness is like drinking poison, then waiting for your enemy to die" Nelson Mandela

"God doesn't look at our ability, but our availability - our willingness" Christine Caine

Thanks to all the amazing ladies that came down with us - I had so much fun and loved getting to spend time with you all!!

If you're interested in attending Sistas, check out the clip for 2013 here.

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  1. wow! It looks amazing Kristy. I have always wanted to go to Sistas...maybe 2013 will be the one I DO go to!!!
    Love all your photos *waves hi Jacksta*
    And the last one totally cracked me up.

  2. oh and I love those quotes! might have to make a note of those!

  3. fun fun fun. i must go to new zealand someday all these lovely sisters in christ. blessings on your week!

  4. i must go "and meet" .. whoops ;)

    Loads of great photos.
    We should of filmed the bed breaking situation...would have been a funny one.


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