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By PaisleyJade - Thursday, November 22, 2012

Loving tonnes of stuff this last week.  Instagram loving list below...

Loving my weekly torture hairdressing session courtesy of my two girls.  I remember doing this to my Mum & Dad when I was young... even putting Dad's moustache into little ponytails...

Loving our local Fat Camel Cafe - currently the best place around to go for a good coffee.  This place totally reminds us of the food we had in Israel!

Symon drinking his Israeli coffee

Loving my first Christmas card (thanks Anya!) and an early birthday card...

Loving these moustache nail art stencils all the way from the U S of A (thanks Liz!!!)...

Loving my funny guy and his continual hobby journey... I need to do a whole blog post oneday about the hundreds of hobbies he has had.  At the moment he is building a retro arcade machine in our lounge.  Driving me mad?  Yep.  Still love him?  Yep.

Finally, check out this amazing bunch of Russian dolls!!  Cool huh?  Our friend Stephen is currently exploring the world (see his adventures here) and saw these in France (Place Charles de Gaulle).  Amazing huh?? 

(Steve - I made your pic square and put it with my collection of Instagram pics just for you cause I know how much you loooooove Instagram and squared photos :)

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  1. So that is where your moustache love began... with putting your dads into piggy tails. HA I love it. xxx

  2. Brilliant. I love that if I don't have time to record all the little goings on of family life at least I've captured a few memories via the magic of instagram :) I reckon my 'Loving' post will be along similar lines this week... when I get round to it :) x

  3. love that hairdo - styly mama!!

  4. hehe...gotta love our hubbies who like to make/fix/take apart stuff:)

  5. my mum never let me play with her hair! But my little brother like to play hair dressers with mine ;)

  6. Lovely lovings! Your hairstylists looks well pleased with herself, and I love the warning sign, so true!

  7. Ooooh, I hope Steve is bringing you home one of those dolls!!!!

  8. Loving your Instagram pics....and how easy it is to Instagram life....I will be lost without my phone for the next couple of weeks! Even if it feels torturous, I'd acttually love to have girls to play with my boys just aren't into it!!!

  9. I have a hubby building something in our house too...gotta still love them though. Have a lovely weekend. xx


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