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By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Master 7, the "I want to be a chef and an inventor when I grow up" son and I had an awesome time doing a little science experiment recently, thanks to "101 Cool Science Experiments" with Glen Singleton. I think he loved the fact that it involved science and food!

It was a very simple yet quite cool experiment that you might like to try with your kids... or even just by yourself!

Invisible Ink

Basic instruction: Squeeze some lemon juice in a saucer, mix a couple of drops of water in well and then using a tooth pick or cotton bud dipped in the lemon mixture, write on a thick piece of paper.

Leave the 'secret message' to dry. The piece of paper will then look blank. To reveal the secret message, hold the side that was written on next to a light bulb or element (be very careful not to catch the paper on fire!!) until the message appears.

It actually works... very cool!

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