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By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I love reading (when I can find the time!).

"Jesse, found in heaven" by Chris Pringle, was given to me by a friend after one of my two miscarriages (one at 10.5 weeks and another at 18 weeks)... and I am so thankful that she gave it to me. I was so touched by it that I have since leant it out (or bought copies to give) to many other women who have also suffered the loss of a child.

Chris Pringle shares openly about her life, faith, children and marriage, and about the loss of a precious baby...

"I was shocked and numb. There was a big empty hole in me and I didn't know how to respond to the sorrow. Like most women who lose a baby, I found it a strange, lonely time. Well-meaning comments like, "It's for the best", or "Perhaps there was soemthing wrong with the baby", or even "Maybe your body needed to be 'flushed' from the effect of drugs" were of no comfort. I felt guilty and confused. I had been thirteen weeks pregnant and now "it was all for the best"?... Then came the awkward moments when others, still thinking I was pregnant, would congratulate me and I would have to say quietly that I had miscarried, that I had lost the baby."

Moments I am sure many women can relate to... I definatley can!

But the best part of the book is when Chris shares about an event that happened which impacts her greatly... and everyone who reads about it.

I love this book! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered a miscarriage, experienced an abortion or lost a child. Also a wonderful and very thoughtful gift to buy for someone you know who has been through any of the above.

"My frame was not hidden from you

when I was being formed in secret

intricately and curiously wrought as

if embroidered with many colours

in the depths of the earth..."

Psalm 139:15 (amp)

Click here to visit the book website.

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  1. Hey thanks for sharing a part of your story and for the reference. I know a few people who might like to read this. Bless you!x

  2. Wonderful blog!!- Rally enjoyed my visit- thank you for the lovely photos


  3. Although I haven't had a miscarriage myself, my Mum miscarried when I was 12 and it affected me deeply in a way I didn't realize until much later. My sister was born a year later when I was 13 but in my heart and soul I was convinced that she was going to die before the age of 5. Even after she got to 5 I couldn't really believe she would ever be an adult. I had this sense of impending doom hanging over over and therefore over me.

    Just last week I read a book called Within Heaven's Gates, where a lady recounts her vision of heaven. Her account of meeting people in heaven has affected me profoundly, particularly her description of Jesus with small children. I found myself thinking of that little baby, the 5th child in our family that we have never known, and wondering what they are like, what it is going to be like to meet them and get to know them, for the sense of them being a part of our family. I'm so sorry for the times you weren't allowed to grieve.


  4. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Love this book. xo


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