Mushroom inspiration

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I like mushrooms. I have great memories of collecting mushrooms on big grassy hills when I was young (just like Maria on The Sound of Music... except she didn't pick mushrooms...).

Definately hope it inspires me, as I have been in a real rut lately (a rut called "no creativity due to busyness).

How about you - are you feeling too busy at the moment? Any tips?

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  1. I LOVE Love LOVE that fabric!
    Been feeling a bit the same recently hence gave myself permission to sit and sew this afternoon. Sometimes everything else has to give way!

  2. I love mushrooms too! They always inspire magic and enchantment!

    I hope you get your creative mojo back! Hmm, how about designating 30 minutes/1 hour a day to indulge in all things creative and fun?

  3. Yup, i so know what you mean. I'm over house reno's. The first thought that came into my mind when I saw those prints was the Smurfs. Good old Tv, safe and entertaining..

  4. Mushrooms... They look magical. Reminds me of 'Jamie And The Magic Torch for some reason.

  5. Kristy you ARE Smurfette! I knew it! Nina's tips for creativity:

    1 Don't eat magic mushrooms

    2 Play Scrabble on a pink Scrabble Board with some weird people. Coming up with big words is bound to stirr up the creative juices. (or bore you to tears!)

    3 Make Nina a tote bag (when Nina gives you material)

  6. I've spied that fabric at Spotlight and wondered about buying it. :)

    Personally, I hate mushrooms (I'm allergic) but I do think they are cute - makes me think of fairies and the like...


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