Dandelion Clocks

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Symon has been seriously neglecting the lawn lately... but the positive to that is all the dandelions we discovered yesterday afternoon.

Miss 1 had so much fun as she blew her first dandelion fluffy (proper name = "dandelion clock") and then all the kids decided to join in.

With young children, you learn to take notice of the little things. Life can be quite heavy at times, as weighty issues are discussed, big decisions are made and just the general stresses of life can occupy our thoughts. I love the fact that little children delight in the simple everyday things... and I am sure that is why God made them... for us to delight in.

When did you last stop and notice those little things... the sun setting, the beautiful flowers around us everyday, the sound of the birds, the tiny insects going about their day?

When did you last blow dandelion seeds?

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  1. Seeing as we live in an age of equal rights and women playing paintball, feel free to mow the lawns if you want to ;-)

  2. haha. On Tuesday .... Olivia is really into hunting them out, and found one walking to kindy on Tues ... ahh the simple pleasures!

  3. Last week, and now we have a lawn full of thistles!!

  4. tehehe symz, did you know i started mowing lawns at the age of 8? and the funny part is i wanted to! :)

  5. Id love to mow the lawns on the ride-on ;)

  6. I used to love moving the lawns for my dad too when growing up... I would also love to mow ours on the ride-on... but the belt has come off it so it's not working.

  7. Pity mice don't eat grass huh?


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