Miss Dr

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, November 15, 2008

Latest craze around here at the moment is "playing Doctors". Very nice to see the toys getting so much loving attention... and nice to see all the plasters getting used up!

I remember as a child playing little games like this for hours, pretending to be a teacher, secretary, dancer and doctor.

Great to know that if we have any emergencies around here... (and there have been a few lately with Nana stepping on a nail which went right into her foot and also tripping and landing on her face)... that we have such skilled helpers handy who know how to apply plasters correctly!

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  1. if ever i need a plaster, i'll come straight round!

  2. Haha. Must be a "Miss 4" thing! I am constantly trying to get plasters off soft toys! Too cute.


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